The Only Frozen Cream Guide You’ll Ever Need

Can You Freeze Cream?

When we think of Cream, what comes to mind is a rich and enticing river, with its streams of hot and cold delicacies set in paradise. Promising to offer a lasting impact on your taste buds, this creamy river is a palate pleaser. Branching out into various streams and winding its way into the kitchen to create the most sought after dishes, becoming a staple to enrich both savoury and sweet recipes. The question that we all want answers to is, can you actually freeze cream? Well, here are the answers to the questions that surround this subject. 

Can I Freeze Double Cream?

Yes, double cream can be frozen, however, there are a few things to consider before freezing it. Firstly, you should know that the freezing process disrupts the stability in double cream.  Cream that has less that 40% butterfat is at higher risk of separating, because although homogenized cream has fat molecules that are evenly distributed, it does tend to clump together in the freezing process, giving it a grainy appearance. The grainy cream might still whip, but the texture will contain some of the graininess. If this is the case, then make sure to stir the cream before whipping and don’t refreeze after whipping. The best results to keep frozen cream in usable shape, is to lightly sweeten it before whipping and freezing.  

How to Freeze Double Cream?

If you keep in mind that un-whipped cream doesn’t freeze well, and if you adhere to these instructions, you can expect to get the best out of your frozen cream. Before freezing, lightly sweeten cream and whip it to soft peaks. You can then freeze the whipped cream in ice cube trays and transfer them into bags when frozen. This will allow you to use the required quantities in the dishes you wish to prepare. The cream can be added to your cooking in its frozen form as it is not necessary to thaw. It is very important to keep in mind that cream picks up flavours from anything that it is placed next to so be mindful when storing it in the  freezer.  

What Happens When You Freeze Double Cream?

There are a few risks involved when freezing double cream, as the freezing process destabilises the cream.  The nature of the destabilising process will depend entirely on the fat solid content therefore, cream with a higher fat content will be more stable than those with a lower percentage. This is the reason why frozen double cream does not have the potential to whip up as well as fresh double cream, as the freezing process alters the stability in the solids. 

How to Use Your Frozen Double Cream?

Are you thinking about all the delicious recipes that you can make using your frozen double cream?  Or maybe that mouth-watering moist chocolate cake recipe that your family loves. The options are endless to enhance any dish with the richness that double cream offers. The inevitable promise of a satisfied palate, is what we all look forward to. When it comes to how to use your frozen double cream, it would depend on what you have in mind to use it in. If you’re making a hot dish then you can add in the cream straight from the freezer. The rich luscious flavour will still be evident in your dish and nobody will know the difference. If you wish to use your frozen double cream in your baking recipes, then you should thaw it out in the fridge, overnight. This will ensure an even thaw.

Can I Re-Freeze Defrosted Cream?

The answer to this question is no, and here’s the reasons why. When cream is defrosted it separates, accumulating the buttermilk, hence the grainy looking defrosted cream. If you have whipped the cream before freezing it then you would have a similar occurrence without the graininess. Think about thawed out ice cream for instance, when thawed, the  whipped solids float to the top of the liquid, as the thawing process separates them. If you re-freeze them, they will freeze in their individual states, compromising the actual flavour that you would expect to get from ice cream, because the whey and the buttermilk parted ways. 

How Long Does Double Cream Last?

Double cream, like most dairy products, does not have a very long life span, however, there are ways to preserve it. The expiration date is always listed on the carton, with a 2 to 3 week lifespan if unopened and kept in the refrigerator.  When opened the double cream should be used within 7 days, making sure that it is refrigerated during this time. If you wish to keep the double cream for a later use then, I would suggest that you freeze it.

Can You Freeze Double Cream in Its Carton?

Yes, double cream can be frozen in its carton for up to 3 months. Make sure to thaw it out in the fridge rather than the counter top, when you wish to use it. It may be slightly separated when thawed, as the buttermilk clumps up during the thawing process, causing graininess.  A little stir should smooth it out. Although the freezing process destabilises the double cream, it is still useable and permeates the desired creaminess to your dish. It is advisable to whip, blind freeze in dollops, or in an ice cube tray, and then transfer into bags. This process will eliminate the graininess when thawed.

What Happens If You Freeze Cream?

Heavy cream freezers much better than cream with a lower fat percentage. When cream is frozen in its natural form, the relationship between the whey and the buttermilk becomes lumpy, with the threat of separation, however, it’s nothing that a few stirs can’t solve. Frozen cream fairs much better in hot dishes as it still has the potential to compliment your recipes. Sauces and baked recipes that call for fresh cream will still emit the same taste when using frozen cream.

Can You Freeze Extra Thick Cream?

Extra thick cream is actually better to freeze than normal cream as the fat content is usually much higher, allowing for better texture when defrosted. The graininess that is expected in defrosted cream is still present in extra thick defrosted cream, but it is not as overpowering. Make sure to freeze the cream in a plastic container or carton and allow some room at the top of the storage container as cream does expand in the freezer.

How Do You Defrost Cream?

It is best to defrost cream in the fridge rather than the kitchen counter, as it allows for even defrosting in a constant temperature. It should be defrosted for at least 4 to 6 hours or, for the best results, overnight will do. Defrosted cream will have a grainy texture, so before using it make sure to give it a good mix. Although the grains will not completely disappear, the mixing will smooth it out.  

Freezing Small Amounts of Cream

Freezing small amounts of cream is a very clever idea, as you can always increase or decrease the amount you need according to the required quantity. Cream can be piped or scooped onto trays for blind freezing. It can then be transferred to bags and kept in the freezer to use as desired. Alternatively the ice cube tray is as useful, ensuring that you get an equal distribution. Remember that to avoid the grainy texture, make sure to lightly whip cream before freezing.

Freezing Large Amounts of Cream

You can successfully freeze large amounts of cream, using the method of freezing them in smaller quantities, and then transferring them into containers. It is important to remember that defrosted cream should not be refrozen as it will freeze as 2 separate entities, and it can accumulate an advanced grainy texture when thawed. Large amounts of cream should be frozen in their capacity only when you have recipes that call for full cartons of cream. This will avoid refreezing.

Using Frozen Heavy Cream

Frozen heavy cream will add the same amount of luscious deliciousness to you recipes. Whether it is to add to your hot meals or using it in your baking, the smooth delicious flavour will still be the same. Heavy cream has the promising potential to enhance your meals whether it’s fresh out of the carton or solid as a rock from the freezer, the results are unmistakable.