My Le Creuset cast iron chipped, what do I do?

Careful care and maintenance of any kitchenware is required for longer lasting service, even if they do look as macho as the Le Creuset Cast iron range. With daily use in the oven or stovetop, chipping and scratching of the strongest made pots are sometimes inevitable, and the disappointment that follows is even more heart breaking considering the amount of money spent on this promising cookware. So, what do we do when our very own Le Creuset cast iron chips? Here are the answers that you have been looking for.

Can you repair the chipped Le Creuset?

Firstly, you have to look at whether the chip is an on the interior or exterior, and whether or not it affects the performance of the pot. If it is just the appearance that has been flawed, then I would say that your problems are minor, as they would still produce the best cooked meals as expected.

An interior chip on the other hand is something that you would have to pay closer attention to, as interior chips seem to continue on their way with chipping, especially if the pot is still in daily use. This can cause there to be sharp bits of enamel in your prepared food, so it is advisable to immediately stop using it.

Seeing that Le Creuset cast iron pots are enamel coated, a chipped Le Creuset cast iron pot would not be repairable, as an enamel chip is irreparable. Enamel is generally well received as it is known to be quite durable, however, it is not excluded from the inevitable scratching and chipping horror. Le Creuset does however offer a lifetime warranty for all its cast iron products, and you can use that warranty when faced with this issue.

Does Le Creuset chip easily?

Known to be made of the strongest, most durable cast iron that is beautifully coated in enamel, Le Creuset cookware is not known to easily chip. With the right amount of care and proper storage, this pan is said to last a lifetime, however, it is not excluded from chipping. Although not easily chipped, the Le Creuset cast iron range has been known to sometimes flaw during use, as enamel has the tendency to chip when overly used. Purchased as an attractive, durable cookware, the slight flaw on the exterior may not affect the deliverables when cooking, but it can be sore to the eyes especially if you consider the amount of money used to purchase the Le Creuset cast iron cookware. Making sure to take extra special care of this prized product will be a plus.

What is Le Creuset Lifetime Warranty?

The Le Creuset lifetime warranty is offered to their clients as assurance that they will cover any malfunctions that their manufacturing process is faulted for, provided that the buyer follows all protocol in the daily use of their product.

Extra care and appropriate storage is part of what the warranty subjects you to. Although they are quite confident in the durability of their product, they too understand that mishaps do happen, and are therefore willing to replace your product if the fault that resulted in the chipping of your cast iron falls on them.

Their warranty does offer full replacement as they do not have a re-enamelling service available to their customers, however, keep in mind that this warranty will only cover your cast iron if all product use instructions were followed.

The warranty is limited to domestic use and does not cover any negligence that you are responsible for. Only factory faults that lead to chipping will be considered, therefore it is advisable to clearly read and adhere to the instructions that come with your cast iron cookware. 

How does Le Creusets Lifetime Warranty work?

Le Creusets lifetime warranty has its positives and negatives, therefore it is advisable to thoroughly read and understand the warranty, and if you find that you do not agree with or dislike any aspect, a 30 day return policy guarantees a full refund. The warranty however, does not guarantee that your chipped Le Creuset cast iron will be replaced when claiming, as there are a lot of things to consider when referring to the warranty. 

If all warranty instructions were carefully adhered to, and all the necessary precautions were taken, the trouble of proving that can be difficult, however, considering the amount of money that was invested in your Le Creuset cookware, claiming on the warranty would be your best shot at getting a replacement. Le Creuset takes everything in your claim into consideration before making a decision to replace the product or not.

If it is found that your claim is invalid as the fault of the damage lies on you, then Le Creuset still offers you a hefty discount on a next purchase. This discount allows you to pay a minimal fee for your new Le Creuset product. 

What is it like to submit a claim?

When claiming from Le Creuset, make sure to have all the relevant information on hand. The product information is usually cast under the lid of your Le Creuset cast iron pan. This information is very important for Le Creuset to identify the damaged cookware in your claim.  It is advisable to directly contact Le Creuset when lodging a claim, as you would need to provide all the necessary information to an agent. This will result in Le Creuset issuing you with a case number, and step by step instructions as to what follows. Thereafter, it would be expected that you return the damaged cast iron to Le Creuset for thorough inspection. 

This is when the waiting game begins. It has been said that you could wait anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks for an answer. Although Le Creuset does acknowledge the product when they receive it, and they do keep you informed about the process, it does seem like a long wait when the outcome is unknown. However, Le Creuset is known to keep to their word of either replacing or discounting a brand new cast iron product, ensuring customer satisfaction. So I think that all is not lost when submitting a claim for your favourite Le Creuset cast iron product.

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