I Changed My Mind About Soup Maker. Here’s Why

The benefits of technology are endless and every time that there’s a new addition, it seems to take the load off of our daily lives. The aim is to make things simple and convenient, and the soup maker which is manufactured for our benefits, have been trending for a while.

Making a statement on the kitchen catwalk, and being the envy of the familiar pots and pans, this little tool is said to be quite impressive. Known as a smooth operator and at the height of its service delivery, this clever machine has the potential of producing bowl after bowl of delicious winter warmers. Let’s go on a tour to explore this envied master chef.

What is the best soup maker?

With top brands producing different makes and styles of the soup maker, choosing the best one would have to be done through careful consideration, from testimonies by those that have tried and tested these products. The Morphy Richards and Lakeland brands are amongst those that have been making a statement on the market, as they seem to be sought after models on the kitchens ramp. Choosing the best one would be up to your preference.

Is a soup maker worth it?

A soup maker is a versatile kitchen tool that is multifunctional. It not only blends the soup to a desired consistency, but it also cooks it as well. This multi-talented diva makes the job of soup making much easier, as it can be compared to a one pot wonder. All that you would need is your ingredients and the soup maker, to produce those delicious flavourful winter warmers. That to me sounds like a winner.

How long does it take to make soup in a soup maker?

A soup maker comes with a timer and soup preference setting that can be adjusted according to the soup that you desire. Its compact and enclosed jar is said to produce both smooth and chunky soups. If it is a chunky soup that you desire then your soup maker will take an estimated 25 to 30 minutes to cook it, and if it is a smooth soup that you crave then 20 to 25 minutes would be the estimated time. There are quicker soup makers on the market but it is said to be quite rowdy machine.

Does the soup maker cook the soup?

Yes, the soup maker cooks the soup from scratch, as it allows you to first braise the ingredients before closing it and leaving it to cook. There is a chunky and smooth soup setting on your soup maker, allowing you the choice to select your preference. It truly is an easy and convenient way to cook those heart-warming bowls of soup.

What’s the difference between a blender and a soup maker?

A soup maker and blender are first cousins, sporting similar features. They are both built to blend your food, however, their professions are quite different, as with a blender, blending is its only focus. The soup maker on the other hand is built to not only blend but to also cook your soups, which sets it apart from the blender by quite a large margin. Both these kitchen tools are in a league of their own, one is single minded while the other is colourfully creative.

Things to Consider When Buying a Soup Maker

Soup makers come in different makes and sizes and which one best suits you will depend on the quantity that you plan on cooking. Here’s a few tips for you to consider when making your purchase.

  • Choose a size that will accommodate the quantity that you wish to cook in it.
  • Choose a soup maker that is easy to clean as some soup makers do come with a cleaning program.
  • Choose a soup maker with multiple function settings so that you are not limited.
  • A quicker turnaround time makes for a noisier soup making process so choosing a slower cooking soup maker would be wise.


There are a variety of soup makers in different sizes that are trending on the market. Which one best suits your budget and your needs is up to you, however, keep in mind that if you intend to cook large batches of soup then a bigger soup maker will be ideal. This will spare you the time and effort of repeating the soup making process to achieve the required quantity.

Cooking time

There are soup makers that are said to cook soup in less than ten minutes, however, if you’re willing to tolerate a noisy blending process then this soup maker will be ideal. The soup makers that take up to thirty minutes to cook and blend your soup are known to not cause any disturbance, so it’s up to you as to which one you would prefer.


With most of the trending soup makers offering a self-cleaning program, the cleaning process is made quite simple. A cup or 2 of water with a drop of dishwashing liquid is all that is required to aid in the self-cleaning process. This clever kitchen tool heats and blends the water and dishwashing liquid to clean the inside.

Getting the best out of your soup maker

When using your soup maker make sure to adhere to the instruction manual. Exceeding the maximum quantity levels will cause an unwanted overflow, and an overload that will strain your machine. It is also advisable to take caution when your soup maker is in the process of cooking your soup, as opening the lid during this time would cause an unwanted disaster. Your soup maker will serve you for a longer time if the proper care and storage measurements are taken.

5 popular soup makers in the UK

With the different brands offering the best in soup making technology, the most sought after brands are currently in a race of their own. Sporting impressive individual features, to choose the best out of the lot can be mind boggling. Here is Guide to help you in your purchase, as this is a list of the top 5 popular soup makers that are currently trending on the market. 

  1. The Morphy Richards soup maker.
  2. The Lakeland touchscreen soup maker.
  3. The VonShef digital multifunctional soup maker.
  4. Cuisinarts Soup maker.
  5. Tefal soup and smoothie maker.

The choice is yours.