How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Deep Fat Fryer

We all can agree that deep fried food is actually quite delicious but it is not always the healthiest option, although some might disagree. Whether it is that Southern deep fried chicken that your grandma makes, or those crispy French fries that you buy at your favourite food stall, deep fat fryers always deliver the sizzling goods as promised. A stable spill free little fellow, that does it all in one.

Here are some answers to your questions that will help you to get acquainted with this pro chef.

What is a Deep Fat Fryer?

Appearing in both, shiny Aluminium, or cast iron coat, accompanied by its own fryer basket, deep fat fryers are very impressive.

Boasting an oil tank, timer, alarm, oil filter, ventilation and thermometer, deep fat fryers are the ‘’Jack’’ of all frying features.

Their versatility is advantageous to both home cooks and professional chefs, making sure to always deliver that crispy goodness as promised. Deep fat fryers are keepers in my opinion.

Are Deep Fat Fryers Worth Buying?

Yes, Deep fat fryers are worth buying because they are compact, versatile and easy to clean.  Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, deep fat fryers are an asset to add to your kitchen appliances, as it is a mess and fuss free alternative compared to stove top frying.

There are a huge variety of fryers to choose from and they range in different sizes. Choosing the right size deep fryer will depend on your needs. They come in different sizes so they accommodate the needs of big and small families.

Are Deep Fat Fryers Safe To Use?

The safety features surrounding deep fat fryers are quite impressive.  Many of us can argue that it is not safe to use because of the hazards that surround heated oil, but looking at all the safety features that it boasts, I say that it looks quite promising.  Deep fat fryers have built in sensors, giving them the ability to detect overheating and cut off power supply to stabilize the oil temperature, however as with any electrical appliance, caution should always be a priority, so always have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Does Deep Fat Fryers Use a lot of Oil?

Yes, deep fat fryers do use a lot of oil hence their name. In order to deep fry food, you would need an appropriate depth of oil, and deep fryers, being the fried food master chef that they are, require a good amount of oil in order to perform at its best. The amount of oil that you use would depend on the size of the deep fryer that you have. Remember, the oil can be reused safely if it is cleaned and stored properly.

What Oil Can I Use In My Deep Fat Fryer?

Some oils can withstand much higher temperatures than others. This is a key factor when choosing the best oils to use.

The oils that you should use in your deep fat fryer should be oils that don’t react with oxygen when heated.

Oils that have a smoke point of greater than 450 F / 230 C are ideal to use. Vegetable oils like sunflower and canola are the usual choice but if you’re looking for healthier options to deep fry, then ghee or coconut oil will be ideal, as they also have a high burning point.

Can I Re-Use The Oil From My Deep Fat Fryer?

Reusing the left over oil from your deep fat fryer is fine, but make sure to properly clean and store the oil.  The oil can be reused at least three times, thereafter discard it as it would have developed an odour after the third use. When discarding the oil, make sure to do it in a proper way.

What do I Do with The Leftover Oil in My Deep Fryer?

After the oil has cooled, run the oil through a fine sieve to catch all the breading bits that were left behind. The sieve helps to clean the oil by catching all the unwanted bits. You can then bottle the cooled oil and reuse it for deep frying whenever you want, but keep in mind that you should not use the same oil more than three times. Discard it safely after the third use.

How Do You Dispose Of Deep Fryer Oil?

There are many ways to dispose of used oil from a deep fryer. You can pour the used oil in a disposable container, seal it and safely discard it with your regular trash. Alternatively, used oil can be discarded by handing it over to a waste centre that accepts hazardous liquids. Just keep in mind to dispose of the used oil in the proper manner.

Can I Put Frozen Chips In The Deep Fryer?

If you’re looking for the crispiest fast food style chips that you buy at your favourite food outlet, then deep fried frozen chips is the way to go.  Homemade chips usually don’t turn out the way we like it to no matter what we try.  It’s either too soggy or not crispy enough, either way we just can’t figure out what we’re doing wrong. What if I told you that the deep fat fryer, partnered with the famous frozen chips can produce fast food style, crispy chips. Yes, the frozen chips are the pot of gold at the end of the deep fat fryers rainbow.

Are Deep Fat Fryers Healthy To Use?

The answer is both YES and NO. I guess that it would depend entirely on who you ask.  Deep fried food is usually given a bad look as it is high in calories, however, if calorie counting is not a part of your health regime, then using the deep fat fryer to prepare your food shouldn’t impact you.

Although there are healthier options when it comes to which oils you should use in your deep fryer, if counting calories is how you run you daily diet then moderation would be key.

Deep Fat Fryers Vs Air Fryers

Decisions, decision… Which one should I choose? Well let’s weigh the pros and cons of these competitive two. They are both front runners in the same race, but their performing strategies are quite different.  One, a front runner with diving force, the other, a front runner in open air.  I guess that it will all depend on your palates craving. Is it that succulent crispy fried chicken thigh that you’re after, or is it that tender honey glazed chicken wing that you’re salivating for? The choice is yours.